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I have been an active player in various online gambling establishments for about four years. I will not say that I am addicted to the game. Rather, I enjoy sitting in front of the computer in the evening. Over the past month, I spent about $ 1000 and returned only $ 700 of them, and I understand very well that the chance of winning a large amount is small and I do not consider the game as a way of getting rich. I want to warn those who believe in luck and think to improve their financial affairs by winning at online casinos. This is not true. This is primarily entertainment.
But the conversation is not about that. For the last two years, I have decided to spend my energies and create a directory of trusted casinos that I myself have played at. The aim of my project is to bring the right information to those who really need it. New online casinos are opening every day, but no one knows how they will behave if you win money. I would really like to receive comments about the experience of playing in various online casinos. What problems have you faced. This is very valuable!

There is a comment form on my site where you can share your experience of playing in various casinos and if you leave your comment there, it can really help other people avoid problems.

Thank you for your time!

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